When searching for a mortgage in Ontario, you have the option of dealing with a lender directly or using the services of intermediaries (Ontario mortgage brokers).

Choosing a mortgage product is a process far more complicated than simply choosing the lowest interest rate. Knowing what term, what interest rate, what features, and what lender are all complex matters.

The services of mortgage brokers make the process of looking for a mortgage stress free. Here is why you should consider using the service of a mortgage broker in Ontario:

Generally, a mortgage broker will work with a group of lenders to bring you the best mortgage deal. Brokers offer a variety of mortgage products from different of lenders.

The variety of mortgage products offer promotes consumer sovereignty. You are able to compare and settle for the best mortgage deal and best mortgage rates.

A mortgage broker will give you expert mortgage advice. Through training and day-to-day interactions with different lenders, mortgage brokers are experts in the field of mortgages.

Before taking out your next mortgage, consider visiting an Ontario mortgage broker for expert mortgage advice.

You are safe
Did you know that a mortgage broker owes you duty of care when giving you mortgage advice?

A broker is trained professional who has to recommend a suitable mortgage and be able to justify his recommendation.

They know the industry
Since mortgage brokers deal with lenders on a day-to-day basis, they have accurate and up to date information about the mortgage industry.

Mortgage brokers will tell you the criteria for different lenders. They will also know which lender can process your application immediately.

More than a mortgage
In addition to mortgage advice, a mortgage broker is qualified to give related advice. For instance, a broker should be able to advice you on available Building and Life Insurance options, payment protection, etc.

A good mortgage broker will ensure you are fully protected in the event of any unseen disaster.

Remember, advice from reputable Ontario mortgage brokers can be an invaluable service, contact the mortgage experts at Oakville Mortgage Team.