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In order to purchase a house in Ontario, chances are you will need a mortgage.  You have the choice of a mortgage product from either bank loan officer or an Ontario mortgage broker.  A bank loan officer is an employee of the bank who works with a wide range of loan products originating from the same lender. On the other hand, a mortgage broker Burlington is an independent professional who brings together lenders and borrowers.  Due to the fact the mortgage broker has a lot more lenders to choose from and deals with a wide variety of mortgage products originating from a dozens or even hundreds of lenders, you have more choices available to you.

A mortgage broker Burlington will shop around on your behalf saving you time, money and more choices.  Should you have unique problems getting a mortgage; such as you are self employed, a first time homebuyer, or new to Canada, a broker can often find a lender who will make loans that a bank refuses.  Mortgage brokers are licensed by the province of Ontario and must maintain a high level of professionalism and keep up with all of the offerings and developments within the industry.

Mortgage brokers at Oakville mortgage team have chosen mortgage brokerage as their career.  Their goal is to find you the best mortgage product  and demonstrate their long-term commitment to the industry.  For trust, credibility and reliability, request a call back from the mortgage professionals to find the best mortgage product for your requirements.

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