The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and our homes have a bad case of the winter blues. “Spring cleaning” is a tradition that serves a very useful purpose – it rids your home and exterior property of build-up left from the winter months.

“The winter season brings a lot more headaches than just bitter cold weather and snow,” says Glenn Cooper of Aviva Insurance. “Many side-effects of winter are noticed when spring comes along. It’s important to take care of those problems before they lead to serious property damage.”

Cooper offers four simple tips to help make exterior spring cleaning a breeze this year:

1. Inspect your property: Frozen ground can cause shifts in your landscaping and patios. If left unattended, it can result in costly repairs and injuries. Be sure to inspect your walkways and driveways for cracks.

2. Remove debris from your gutters: Ensure that leaves and dirt are removed from your gutters to prevent water blockage. If water accumulate and is not drained properly, it could lead to water damage to your home.

3. Repair damage to your roof: Replace any missing or damaged shingles to prevent leaking roofs.

4. Examine fences around your property and pool: Ensure fences are still sturdy and secured properly to prevent injury and intruders from entering your yard.

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